Top 3 questions to firstly ask “yourself” for polishing your English in 2018 (Updated)

English is highly important to earn name, fame and money and to cement professional life.

Polishing your English skills is no joke. You have to initiate with a solid, systematic and detailed manner so that you can continue to follow on the same for a speedier, quicker and awesome manner right till the end. However, most of the times, we may be facing issues where inspite of working to the fullest, we don’t achieve the desired results. Hence, in order to get maximum possible results for the



    • Hardwork
    • Dedication
    • Seriousness
    • Patience
    • Indepth research

You need to read the following post for asking queries right for your own self for making the most of the available circumstances

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Do I know tenses?

Yes, tenses act as the backbone for polishing your English skills. Little or no knowledge of tenses will simply act as a death knell for you. Because of the following reasons:-

  • Tenses actually act as the biggest reason which helps you to construct sentences
    • Tenses give us the luxury to formulate sentences by keeping in mind the aspect of grammar

  • Tenses also give us the option to specifically create sentences by keeping in mind the emotions present in the specific sentence as well

For example:-

  • It is continuously raining like cats and dogs since morning (Present Continuous)
  • He has been studying for over two hours without getting up from the bed (Present Perfect Continuous)
  • I will go to meet you tomorrow (Future Perfect Tense)

  • He had gone there (Past Perfect Tense)

Likewise, there has been such a nature of emotions which can only be expressed through tenses


  1. Do I know vocabulary?

Attaining the perfection in English also require you to know lots of new words on daily basis. Yes because, most of us while trying to speak fail to create a sentence as we don’t get the exact word for it. However, that concern will end quickly. If you happen to learn one word daily by actually knowing the proper use of it.

That’s important.

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Where should I learn a new word?


Well, what can be the best platform than English newspaper? Yes, read it and note down the words which are unusual and you really don’t know its actual meaning.


Not only you write it down, but also make sentences out of it to help yourself know its exact formation

This practice won’t just help you to remember or memorize a new word, but also the way it should be used in a sentence.

Yes, that’s important because the formation of a specific sentence with the “usual” word is important.

Unless and until you don’t know it’s correct usage, then how come you will be able to formulate in a sentence?

For example

Let’s take different sentences into account with the word

  1. Enthusiasm (Noun) – I can see enthusiasm everywhere especially after the victory of India in the world cup
  2. Enthusiastic (Adjective) How enthusiastic you become after hearing the news of scoring the first position in the exam


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